ATM’S Annual Clothing Drive w/ Derick Hill wraps up for the Season!

As we wrap up this year’s annual clothing drive, The Ask The Messengers TV Show would like to thank everyone who helped to make our mission possible.

a HUGE Thank you to brother Rob and our friends over at Capuchin Soup Kitchen.
6333 Medbury St
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 925-1370

We would like to thank our friends at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. A special shout out to Operations Manager Mr. Samuel and Donation Coordinator Mr. Kenny.

Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing (All Male Facility)
3535 Third Street
Detroit, MI 48201

 Ms. Nellie Jenkins Kendrick, Director of their Veteran and Community Outreach program, Ms. Edith Clark; Genesis House II, Operations Manager.

Address: 150 Stimson Street, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313.993.4700

Thank you to Bobby and our friends at the City Warehouse, for their kind contributions.

We pray that everyone’s kind efforts will be a blessing to those in need. We hope that everyone will have a safe and joyous holiday season!