Michigan Celebrates Recovery ft. Lauren Stovall, Prevention Specialist of NCADD-GDA

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ATM In the Community

George Paige, Ask The Messengers TV Show's Executive Producer attended the National Action Network's 2023 National Convention in New York City. George stated, "this was my first time attending the National Action Network convention. I met and saw many many celebrities and important dignitaries. I would have to say about 10,000 people were in attendance. I was so impressed with the entire convention." We at Ask The Messengers TV Show are in full support of Reverend Sharpton and the National Action Network. We hope that you keep up the great work. Our communities are in dire need for the help of "Dealing with the Dream Under Threat!"

KeyNote Speaker: Madam Vice President Kamala Harris,


Happy 6th Anniversary to Ask The Messengers TV Show!!!!! What a wonderful time we had sharing some laughter, ideas, goals, and great times with each other this evening. May God continue to bless us to continue bringing the things that matter to our communities. To every show guest, prayer warrior, media partner, donor, staff, and/or production crew, over the past six years, we greatly appreciate you. We are excited and looking forward to what’s in store for years to come. #recoveryispossible #realpeoplesharingrealstories #stopthestigma

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Ask The Messengers is a Detroit based TV Show that airs every Sunday morning at 8am on WMYD-TV 20 in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  WMYD-TV 20 serves a large portion of Michigan and is live streamed globally, as well as, shown on the YouTube channel Ask The Messengers TV Show.  Ask The Messengers started in September 2016 as an outreach ministry conducting weekly meetings for the 12 Step Program of Recovery.  We are a TV show that interviews Real People with Real Stories.



We educate, inform, and empower people with drug, health and mental issues by the thousands around the globe, while creating partnerships with specialist in our community to help resolve these issues.

We provide resources for various services in city, county and state departments for public health needs.

We specialize in, but not limited,  creating programs and helping with resources for Covid-19, mental health, addiction in adults and children, crime, reckless driving and domestic abuse.




Executive Producer – George Paige
Business Line – 313 459 1801

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Ask The Messengers welcomes your donation to help us continue to bring a message of hope and demonstrate that recovery is possible.


The staff at Ask The Messengers TV Show has toured to a few cities to spread the word of hope and recovery!
From TMZ tours in Los Angeles, Tyler Perry Studios and CNN studios in Atlanta, NBC and CBS Studios in New York City and more!!

We hope to see you soon in a town near you. Until then, visit our website, like us on YouTube and Watch EVERY Sunday at 8am on TV20 in Detroit!

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