Nedra Ruffin’s Story

David Ruffin’s daughter Nedra Ruffin who favors him tremendously, is interviewed on this episode of Ask The Messengers. Nedra Ruffin who is a recovering drug addict with over 25 years clean. David Ruffin as the lead singer of the Motown Records group The Temptations, helped to propel the group to Superstardom with such hits as My Girl, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg and many others. During segments one and two Nedra tells of her drug use, how she started, what made her start, her rock bottom and how long she’s been in recovery. In the third segment the conversation shifts to her Dad’s death. She reveals her truth of the story about her father’s death including her thoughts on who set up her Dad and thoughts about The Illuminati. Check it out and please subscribe to our channel.

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