DWHIN’s Clinical Care Center Will Be Opening 2023  

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWHIN) is converting a building in Milwaukee Junction into a clinical care center for adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse (SUD) and mental health issues with plans for its completion in the fall of 2023.

Eric Doeh, CEO and President of DWHIN, spoke about plans to provide care for those struggling with addiction and mental health.

The $12 million care center will be funded through Medicaid and will provide Medicaid services along with additional mental health funding. The care center provides shared services and 40 beds for local adults and youth in crisis.

The DWHIN Clinical Center will be the first of its kind in Detroit city, available 24/7 and equipped with stabilization services, indoor sober living for up to two weeks, and on-site staff to connect people with providers for other priority needs, such as housing and work.

George Arnold Jr. has spent the last decade as a certified recovery teacher and recovery coach at NCADD, offering insight from personal experience to support Detroiters struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Arnold believes that the DWHIN Clinical Care Center is valuable and long overdue.

“Hopefully this will force Wayne County to address the issues and secure funding for more of these centers in the city. We need to address the root, 90 percent of people with mental health problems have substance abuse problems. We cannot treat one without treating the other. They go hand in hand.”