Workplace Mental Health

May 18, 2023 Ashley Griesert 0

Depression: A Costly Condition for Businesses Why are more employers focusing on workplace mental health? Because they recognize it is costly to ignore. Depression costs employers an estimated $44 billion each year in lost productivity. […]


April is Autism Awareness Month

May 1, 2023 Ashley Griesert 0

What is Autism? The information below is not meant to diagnose or treat. It should not take the place of consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a […]


Women with Purpose with Kimberly Morgan

March 28, 2023 Ashley Griesert 0

Standing In My Shoes, Inc & Kimberly Morgan Presents –How to Use Your Personal Powers Without Compromising Your Principles! The Ask the Messengers TV show team covered Kimberly Morgan’s Women with Purpose sold out event. The […]


Detroit’s Black Bottom by: Jacinta Chevon

February 21, 2023 Ashley Griesert 0

Black Bottom was a predominantly Black neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. The name Black Bottom actually came from the area’s rich, dark soil farmed by French settlers in the eighteenth century, not the African-American population that […]

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