This Week’s Featured Episode: Eric Doeh, CEO and President of DWIHN

Ask The Messengers TV Show

Who We Are:

Ask The Messengers is a Detroit based Television show that airs every Sunday morning at 8am on WMYD-TV 20 in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  WMYD-TV 20 serves a large portion of Michigan and is live streamed globally on RoKu-TV.  Our show is also on The Word Network globally, we air in the Detroit area every Wednesday at 2:30 am EST. Additionally, we post all episodes on our YouTube channel Ask The Messengers TV Show.  The Show started in September of 2016 as an outreach ministry of The Greater Love Christian Center in Detroit.   The center has hosted 12 Step program weekly meetings for 14 years.  Currently meetings are held at the center, 18400 Schaefer Hwy in Detroit, every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm and every Friday from 10am to 12 noon.  The Greater Love Christian Center is the home of Ask The Messengers TV show.

Our Mission

Help to decrease drug use starting with Prevention through education, and to offer recovery assistance and advise for those in or seeking recovery.

Our focus is on helping prevent future use of addictive and unnecessary drugs.  The television show helps us reach more people with our message of hope that recovery is possible.

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Email us your recovery stories, comments, suggestions and pictures to:  Ask The Messengers welcomes your donation to help us continue to bring a message of hope and that recovery is possible.