Ask The Messengers is a Detroit based TV Show that airs every Sunday morning at 8am on WMYD-TV 20 in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  WMYD-TV 20 serves a large portion of Michigan and is live streamed globally, as well as, shown on the YouTube channel Ask The Messengers TV Show.  Ask The Messengers started in September 2016 as an outreach ministry conducting weekly meetings for the 12 Step Program of Recovery.  We are a TV show that interviews Real People with Real Stories.


We educate, inform, and empower people with drug, health and mental issues to thousands around the globe, while creating partnerships with specialist in our community to help resolve these issues.

We provide resources for various services in their city, county and state departments for public health needs.

We specialize, but not limited, to creating programs and helping with resources for Covid, mental health, addiction in adults and children, crime, reckless driving and domestic abuse.


George Paige, Executive Producer

Derek Thompson, Executive Assistant

Kimberly Mallory, Project Manager
Email: atm.mallory3@aol.com

Nat Morris, Director/Editor

Tina Nelson, Host/Producer

Jacinta Jenkins, Research/Production Assistant

LaShon Battle, Street Reporter

Jodi Switalski, Addiction Expert

Tyrique Hatcher, IT Assistant

Public Relations & Marketing

Derrick Kirk

Derick Hill

George Arnold


12 Steps to Recovery meetings are held weekly

The Greater Love Christian Center 18400 Schaefer Hwy, Detroit, MI 48235

Fridays 10am – 12 noon (12 Step Program)

Saturdays 2pm – 4pm (12 Step Program)