The Partner Series feat. Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network
Hosted by: Tina Nelson

Ask The Messengers TV Show has partnered with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network to provide Detroit and Wayne County Residents with educational messaging regarding everyday issues within our communities. Click on the picture to watch & learn more about The Partner Series feat. DWIHN and what they do inside our community.

The Author Series
Hosted by: Kimberly E. Mallory

In these episodes Kimberly goes one on one with authors of books which have been written with great purpose. These books were written by survivors of many different obstacles in life. Surviving and recovering from different things; drugs, alcohol, sex trafficking, domestic violence and much more. Check out the Author Series w/ Kimberly E. Mallory by clicking on the picture.

Women Do Recover Series
Hosted by: Lashon Battle

Lashon B. is one of the original ATM crew members. Lashon is our Street Reporter. She has gone into the community, often places others wont, to spread the message of Hope and Recovery. Lashon hosts a Women in Recovery series to give our women audience a glimpse of what they to can achieve; a sober, productive life post-addiction. Watch episodes about Women in Recovery by clicking the picture on the left.

Men In Recovery Series
Hosted By: Derick Hill

Derick Hill has a number of roles with Ask The Messengers. Derick not only does Public Relation and Marketing, he hosts an informative series titled, “Men In Recovery”. Derick goes one on one with men who’ve sought recovery, are living in recovery and testifying to the fact that RECOVERY IS REAL! Watch episodes about Men in Recovery by clicking the picture on the left.