The DDOT Paratransit System is on the Rise! By: Derek Thompson

Ask the Messengers TV Show was able to sit down with Mikel Oglesby, Executive Director of Transit for the City of Detroit, and G. Michael Staley who is the Paratransit Manager for DDOT (Detroit Department of Transportation). We were able to get an update on the status of the Paratransit System and the improvements that are being made.

Initially a RFP (Request for Proposal) was sent out to businesses to take on 100% of Paratransit services and the administration was successful in finding companies to take this on but the company that proposed to take on 70% of the services did not make it through the complete process. So currently 30% of services are being covered.

The City of Detroit and DDOT’s goal is to provide better services, better vehicles, and better training for drivers. They are working to do this by going forward with an Emergency Action and sending out another Request for Proposal for that remaining 70% for businesses to bid on. Those proposals are due on March 17th and so far 20 companies have shown interest in taking on some or the entire 70%. 

When asked, “What would you like to tell those who are directly impacted by this issue?,” Executive Director Oglesby stated, “Safe and reliable service is top priority but more importantly we are looking for the respect that is deserved for those who are in need of paratransit services; making sure people are getting to their appointments on time, making sure they receive great customer service, making sure they are in clean safe vehicles…”

Executive Director Oglesby also stated, “In short, I just want to say to the people, trust us, that we are taking full responsibility. We are going to assure you that public transportation in the paratransit world will be top notch/100% by the end of the year.”

It’s safe to say that residents who are in need of these services are in good hands.

Written By: Derek Thompson

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