Sheriff Washington Shows Support for DWIHN Clinical Care Center

Wayne County Sheriff Raphael Washington congratulates and shows support for the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network(DWIHN) during their Ceremony on June 22nd for Detroit’s first Clinical Care Center. Sheriff Washington and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office worked directly with DWIHN to lay the foundation for strategizing and executing their plans to create a facility that can care for those with mental illness or in crisis.
Many people who are repeatedly encountering law enforcement are in need of mental health services and would not have committed any crimes if they had access to resources that would be available at a clinic or with a therapist.
During his speech, the Sheriff highlights the significance of having support systems for people who are in need of mental health care, stating “Handcuffs don’t sure illnesses, addictions, or disabilities…” We look forward to seeing how successful DWIHN and the Wayne County Sherrif’s Department are when working together on bettering our community.

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