The ATG Album Release Party: Another Great Event by Chuck Bennett Productions w/ Derick Hill

The ATG is a Detroit-based Hip Hop artist and producer who has carved a unique space in the music world with his “cinematic Hip Hop” sound. His debut single “Outside” and its captivating music video exemplify his visionary approach to both music and visual storytelling.   

According to his website The ATG is a multi-talented Michigan-based artist, rapper, producer, and vocalist who has gained recognition in various music genres. With a diverse range of collaborations, The ATG has worked with notable figures such as D12 rapper Swifty McVay, actor and rapper Omar Gooding, Sa-Roc, G.V. Prakash, and Leslee Lewis.

From co-producing the track “Big Worm” for Peezy to venturing into the world of Chicago drill with Lil Reese on the album Demon Time, The ATG has continuously pushed boundaries and created memorable tracks.

In addition to his collaborations, The ATG has focused on his local Detroit community, working with talented artists like Dusty McFly and Earlly Mac on the Detroit Cinematic project. This project highlights The ATG’s ability to bring out the best in local talent.

Event Photos taken by: Derick Hill