Ask The Messengers TV Show LOVES the Kids!

On Ask The Messengers we speak a lot about adults issues from Addiction, Recovery, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking etc., however, our children are experiencing the same issues. Most of the adults battling such issues, most likely started either as a child or from trauma as a child. Therefore, we must not forget to protect our children, to support and encourage our children to do better and be great.

At Ask The Messengers TV Show, we believe in the “Village”. The village is an entire community of people that must provide for and interact positively with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

In the above clip, our Host Tina Nelson, is giving Plymouth High School Health Occupations Students of America club encouragement before they head to Dallas, Texas to compete in events at the International Leaderships Conference. The best part about it is, that Tina really means what she says. She truly, genuinely cares about people especially our children. This moment was unscripted and came directly from the heart. All of us at Ask The Messengers share the same sentiments. We LOVE the Kids! They are our FUTURE!

HOSA’s International Leadership Conference is the highlight of the year for every HOSA member and advisors and includes:

  • Competitive events focused on leadership, professional and technical skills
  • The annual business of the international student organization of HOSA by the voting delegates
  • Educational Seminars, Workshops & Exhibits presented by professional partners that provide Information about current health care issues
  • An opportunity to meet people from across the globe with similar career goals
  • Exciting general sessions providing recognition and opportunity for all HOSA members!