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January 10, 2019 Ashley Griesert 0

Ask The Messengers is proud to partner with The Live Rite Structured Recover Corp. They are based in Macomb County Michigan, and offer a wide range of services to individuals in recovery. They are licensed […]


Lean-Drank Addiction Explained

December 17, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

The medical truth from a Medical Doctor about: Lean, Drank and Cough Syrup addiction. Dr Iffyinwa G. Ilechukwu tells us “WHY” you get “HIGH” when you “TRY’ drinking it, and WHY it’s so addictive. Listen […]


Public Service Announcement

November 28, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

This is a Public Service Announcement for The Honorable Judge Vonda Evans from the 3rd Circuit Court in Wayne County Michigan. Take a look and listen. If you want to be a guest on the […]


Taxpayer Testimonials

November 12, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

We thank the Wayne County of Michigan for their support of Ask The Messengers. The Wayne County Treasurer’s office is committed to excellent customer service. They serve the taxpayers with respect, efficiency and professionalism. Wayne […]



November 4, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

We Welcome Hallstarz Business Center to Ask The Messengers. We thank them for their support. We invite our viewers in the Detroit area to support this business. They offer a lot of services all in […]

Recovery Month

Recovery Celebration

October 16, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

On this episode we take you to Belle Isle Island,– the jewel of Detroit for the 18th annual Michigan Celebrate Recovery Walk and Rally. We will talk with Lauren Stovall of NCADD_GDA, Darlene Owens of […]

2nd Anniversary

Thank You

October 15, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

Thank You!!! It is with humble gratitude that my heart extends this word of thanks. For all the effort, prayers and resources infused into what Ask The Messengers is all about, helping to save lives, […]

Drugs in our School

Drugs in our Schools

September 7, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

Our guests on this show have just graduated from high school or are in college.  The high school graduates tell of the frequent drug use in their schools and what they did to avoid using […]

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Illegal Street Drugs

12 Steps: 4, 5 & 6

August 31, 2018 Ashley Griesert 0

The 12 Step program has proven successful in helping people with their addictions.  On this episode, Co-Host Leroy Carey and his guests explain steps 4, 5 and 6.  The road to recovery starts with that […]

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