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There Is No Sound In My Scream

Kimberly Mallory has faced troubles in her life that would have destroyed many people. Descending into a drug addiction in her 30’s, it took 16 years of her life and she was already in her 40’s, before something profound happened that altered her outlook on life in the most positive way imaginable. When the Lord spoke to her one day, He sparked a change within her and provided her with the strength to not only fight her addiction, but to defeat it too.

Her triumph has now lasted 17 years and has seen Kimberly provide help for other women who are facing similar struggles.

In her book, she depicts her own battle against the demons that threatened to break her and how she overcame them with the help of God.

Her main aim is to help you to understand that no matter what you have gone through in your past, it should not ever have to determine your future, and no matter what you face there is always hope.
Above all Kimberly is a believer in the power of God and that by surrendering and entrusting in Him, that you too can find a path that will lead to the miracle that she experienced and a life that is better. Read her book, feel her strength and let yourself start your own journey of recovery. It is within you to succeed with the help of God and His love.

30 Days To Increased Faith: A Devotional Challenge Paperback

Do you get the feeling that there is something essential lacking in your relationship with God? Do you feel out of touch with Him? Does it sometimes feel like your prayers don’t move Him at all? Here is what Hebrews 11:6 says about your situation: “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Dearly beloved, faith is the answer. “30 Days to Increased Faith, A Devotional Challenge” is designed to help you build up your most holy faith. Using scriptural references and daily prayer points, it guides you on how to diligently seek God, and how to connect with Him through faith in order to please Him, and cause Him to act on your behalf.

By the end of 30 days, you, the reader of this life-changing devotional, will: Become a better Christian, having learned how to build up and embrace your most holy faith.

Refreshing Meditations 30 Day Journal

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…” Acts 3:19 NIVWe all face times in our lives when we feel like we want to be closer to God. We want to improve our relationship with Him and become closer to Him so that we can let go of our sins and feelings of defeat.

This journal, Refreshing Meditations, was created by Minister Alinda Miller, who sees us all as the Beautiful Children of God that we are. It contains 98 pages that will allow you 30 days of writing down your thoughts, with each day opening with a line of scripture to help guide your way and provide you with the inspiration you need.God wants you to come to Him in times of trouble. He wants you to feel renewed and be refreshed by letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.Refreshing Meditations is a journal that will help you connect back to God and become rejuvenated by being closer to Him.

When Your Right Hand Man Is A Woman: Empowerment Essentials For Women In Ministry And Leadership

For centuries the role of women in ministry has been marginalized and has excluded them from leading, preaching and teaching the word of God. For most women who wanted to show their commitment as an active part of ministry, their roles were often subsidiary as Scripture was often misinterpreted which prevented them from fulfilling their callings and operating powerfully in their gifts. Great changes have occurred only relatively recently, but the valuable contributions that women have made to Christianity are spread throughout its existence although often in the face of opposition.

This book, When Your Right Hand Man is A Woman, seeks to explore the role women have played in the last 2000 years and provides practical tools and insights into how women can deliver effective leadership.

Your calling is part of God’s plan for you and women like you, and you should not be subdued or side-lined from any role in church leadership, simply because of your gender.

A fabulous tool for every Christian leader and for every Believer who has ever questioned the role of women in the church, When Your Right Hand Man is A Woman shows why the role of women in ministry is now more important than ever and should be celebrated rather than stifled.

Hello, My Name Is Abuse: I Lived It, I Endured It, I Survived It

Abuse can come in many forms. The hard fact is that each one is as damaging as the other and all are capable of destroying lives when hope is lost in their midst.For Sharon R. Phillips, that abuse started in her childhood, robbing her of what should have been a carefree and happy life, and then continued into her adult life, where she had times when she believed she would never emerge from it.And it could have remained with her forever, tarnishing her thoughts and consuming her with anger and humiliation, had she not found comfort and relief in the Word of God.His timely intervention saved her from a life that was out of her control and could well have ended in tragedy, and in her book she describes the pain and suffering in detail.But her intention is not for this book to dwell on the past but to present a story of rebirth and of hope. Instead, she hopes it will encourage others who have had similar experiences in the past or who are going through them at present, to know that there is no shame attached to abuse and that help is available when you seek it.

My Long Walk Home: From Dope To Hope

When Jewell Ward’s life took a turn that she had not foreseen, it led to a brokenness and pain that she did not believe she would ever emerge from. The hurt went so deep that she turned to any method to mask what was going on in her life, but no matter what she tried she carried on down the path to self-destruction.
If anything, Jewell was a fighter and not one who ever thought about giving up.

Despite the constant knock-backs and numerous failed attempts to conquer her demons, she eventually discovered that the way to get her life back on track was to surrender herself completely and fully to the power of Jesus Christ.

Jewell details her struggle in her book, My Long Walk Home: From Dope to Hope, sharing her battle with addiction and hopelessness that she knew she had no option but to defeat. Her desire is to help others to understand the power of God’s plan that he has for each of us and help them to find their own path to salvation, turning hopelessness into hope.

Abused But Not Shaken

Noted author, conference speaker and teacher, Dr. Patricia Heathman focuses the light of Scripture on the growing problems of child abuse and child neglect.

Combining Prophetic and Scriptural insights with personal experience,
Dr. Heathman offers sound practical wisdom and spiritual instruction.

The supplemental contains vital information on how to get help for victims and perpetrators alike.

All My Life I Had To Fight: An Autobiography

A tell all Autobiography about the good, bad, and the ugly events that happened to Kaprice Williams from childhood to adulthood.

Venture through the raw and unfiltered experiences of Kaprice Williams in All My Life I Had To Fight.

The Bully (The Gifted)

This is an easy to read children’s chapter book about bullying.
There are a few twist and turns, super heroes, and encouragement for victims to tell their stories.

This book is written to capture a Multicultural audience and promote reading.

God Encounters Are Real

I am an overcomer of cancer and other life challenges and my book is a compilation of my personal encounters with God.
It is written to inform the skeptics, the believers and nonbelievers, and those who are not sure what to believe when it comes to the unexplainable.

I know that God is real. I have had encounters through dreams, visions, discernment, auditory encounters and inspirational writings. God can use any of us to warn others about unexpected events. Since moving to Florida, after several losses in my life, God has had the opportunity to use me beyond my imagination.
I have had several encounters with God that have proven to be true. At times, I wasn’t sure what to say to the people that God was directing me to talk to.
I was afraid, and I doubted myself.

I would get the same question asked over and over again, “How do you know these things about me?” My response is always the same, “I cannot explain it, it’s God’s business. It’s not about me, it’s about Him.”

Fostering Pain In Silence

Pastor Belinda Pritchett was removed from her mother’s home in 1965 and placed in foster care systems, until she aged out. She became pregnant at the age of sixteen and found out later that her firstborn was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

Pastor Belinda was mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused by people who were supposed to keep her safe. She was placed in a girl’s home, while she ran the street with people she felt care for her. She would do anything to get attention from men, professionals, neighbors and family members, just to be heard. She struggled with emotional barriers for which she is now in therapy for.

Pastor Belinda A. Pritchett is a 63-year-old, divorced three times, mother of six birth children and one stepson. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, Qualify Mental Health and Qualify Intellectual Disabled Professionals. She continues to minister to the body of Christ, devoting her life to help and restore the broken-hearted.

She tells her story while accepting engagements, seminars and going around the country preaching the word of God. Pastor Belinda’s goal is to help others reach their highest potential and letting them know that God is not finished with them yet! Beauty lies within all of us. She can still hear the mandate that her mother told her years ago. She holds the words dearly in her heart. “You are the oldest. I place you in charge.” Now, God tells her, “YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE. I PLACE YOU IN CHARGE TO TELL YOUR STORY AND PULL THE WEAK OUT OF BONDAGE AND SLAVERY OF THE MIND!”

Breathe: A Guide To Coping Mechanisms And Strategies

Breathe is for anyone experiencing any level of grief, anxiety, bereavement, regret, sorrow, disappointment, and depression. Through true stories and biblical principles, and clinical pastoral techniques, the reader will identify with the normalcy of spiritual pain – mental, emotional, and psychological pain such as regret, guilt, and heartache.

As the steps in this volume are practiced repeatedly, and as needed, the reader will learn to demonstrate self-care and how to manage spiritual pain, developing safe grieving practices. It will guide the reader into identifying pain with cathartic non-pharmacological methodologies of relief and comfort that proved beneficial to the thousands of families and patients this writer has supported.

Everyone suffers from some level of grief and will benefit from using the coping strategies found in this literature. They will also learn of the body’s innate mechanisms that are as powerful and comforting as medicine. Breathe will be useful for grief spanning from minor levels of irritation to crisis and trauma.

Breathe is set as a workbook and journal in one volume. This is an excellent tool for Grief and bereavement support groups, church grief study groups, and a Pastoral leadership guide to walking with grief. The content of this book was largely compiled in an action research project. Outcomes and cycles of this research were also the content of my doctoral dissertation. Peer-reviewed and scholarly review, this piece has brought innovative change to the Profession of Chaplaincy I provided in, Police settings, hospital settings, and hospice settings. Now extended to the public in this seemingly endless age of global despair. Breathe is not suggested or advised to be a substitute for physicians or psychologists’ professional help. It is an aid that offers additional steps toward comfort and initial steps to those in immediate need of consolation.

The Beauty Of It All

Do you sometimes lack confidence in everyday life?

Would you like to change that and be more outgoing and self-assured?

Could such a change improve your circumstances, relationships and even career prospects?

Many of us suffer from a lack of confidence that can impact on our lives and leave us feeling unfulfilled in some ways. Becoming more assured and outgoing provides us with more social opportunities and improves our relationships with others and with God. Of course it’s easy to just tell someone that this will help, but changing the way we are isn’t always as simple.

That’s where this book, The Beauty of it All: 21 Day Confidence Journal, can help to change your life for the better, helping you to:

Improve your mental health and overall wellbeing

Increase happiness

Enjoy more freedom

Find greater feelings of self-worth

Develop performance levels

Cultivate your creative side

Reduce fear and anxiety

And more…

The benefits of increased confidence are wide ranging and can impact on almost every area of your life in a positive and constructive way, allowing you greater freedom to express yourself and be the person you always wanted to be.

You can find many of the answers you seek inside yourself and with The Beauty of it All you have the ideal journal to help get you started on your way.

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