Roof Fundraiser for Ask The Messengers TV Show (Sundays, 8 a.m., TV 20)

The building that has supported and saved thousands of people from drug and alcohol addiction is now in desperate need of being saved itself.  For years, we have patched, patched, and patched the roof.  The latest patch didn’t work and water is coming in from everywhere.

All of our programs have come to a halt until we repair the roof and interior damages.  The activities include taping the Ask The Messengers TV Show, various drug abuse and recovery programs, in addition to weekly prayer meetings that have been serving the Detroit community for years. To donate, click the link 

We are asking community leaders, the public and the local media to support our GoFundMe Drive by spreading the word and donating any amount possible so we can continue to help save lives.  There is a link to the website above.  We truly appreciate your help.

Contacts: David Humphries / Public Relations Email: * 248.470.5183

George Paige / Executive Producer,  

Ask The Messengers TV Show

Email: * 313.207.6633

“Where there is addiction, recovery is possible.”

Ask The Messengers TV Show is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. To donate, click the link below: